Unlocking Sri Lanka’s Digital Marketing Career Opportunity

Digital Career

Digital Marketing is heavy with endless digital marketing career options for Interns and freshers or even senior resources. Digital Marketing skills are what every recruiter is trying to find. There are certainly lots of chances for newbies seeking to proceed in this emerging field. I have used the word emerging since I still believe Sri Lanka is only scratching the surface, and we as a market may be four years behind compared to our regional leader India and six years behind to the USA & the UK. Everybody in the market, including small businesses, concentrates on Online Marketing to boost up their yield. It results in hiring brand-new skills and imaginative minds to support their product in the market. Keeping in mind the current need for a workforce, it is safe to say that there will be no saturation point in the next 10 to 15 years! My senior management team and I struggle day in and out trying to find the correct candidates to cater to opportunities we have in the agency. 

Believe it or not, one of the most significant reasons for you to select a digital marketing career in Sri Lanka is not the growing amount of job positionings but the demand to labour force ratio. If you are knowledgeable and have the certifications to back it up, you would have the bargaining power of a better payday than a person who does not. If you put a number to it, I would state it is around 40-60% more than the average person who does not have digital experience. 

If you have your ear to the ground, by this time, you ought to have already noticed that in a time of technological transformation that’s happening in front of us, the need for digitally qualifies people would be a must. Forbes’ every year publishes a list of the World’s Most Valuable Brands, which takes a look at the leading 100 businesses. According to the list, The leading five world’s most valuable brands in 2020 were all technology businesses. Furthermore, Companies including Amazon, Netflix and PayPal all showed significant gains in brand value, falling in line with patterns connected to e-commerce, streaming and digital payments due to Covid.

Sign up to the bandwagon

Another great advantage of the digital marketing profession in Sri Lanka is that anyone can join this field and grow with any educational background. All you need is the mindset to discover digital marketing through deep dive, and you are good to go! You will not need to hesitate about your previous academic background or credentials, as they will not present a limitation. With that being said, it cannot be denied that a student coming from a native marketing background may find it easier to comprehend the different aspects of digital marketing much quicker, but that does not mean someone from an Agriculture or science background would not be able to take on this career choice. Some of the great minds I see in this field are people who had done that 360! Determination and hard work have turned many novices into specialist digital marketing experts coming from various backgrounds. Stay concentrated on the objectives, reason, discover digital marketing with a careful approach, and things will certainly fall in place.

Learn as you go

There are several short term digital marketing courses in the market that assist you in pursuing a career in your preferred working profile. Lately, colleges have begun including digital marketing as a specialization in their Undergraduate courses. Furthermore, many local institutes have also taken up digital as a specialized subject awarding Certifications, Diplomas and MSc’s. Moreover, From an individual’s viewpoint, these digital marketing accreditation courses are excellent mediums for getting the required knowledge without investing much money and time. You can discover numerous digital marketing institutes in your city or online, which offer these expert-led accreditation courses for a very competitive price! Plus, you can discover it at your rate from the convenience of your home. You do not need to take a trip or pace up and down to get the certification, as most institutes deal with online digital marketing courses. This makes it ideal for working experts and students as it saves a lot of their time!

Choice Factory

The next great advantage of a digital marketing career in Sri Lanka is your career chances are not restricted in any way. You do not need to do one single task for the rest of your life. Here you will get numerous professional potential paths to explore. It could be as a content creator, social networks marketer, copywriter, web developer and many more. You can choose any of these digital marketing task roles based on your strength and preferences. Many widely known digital marketing businesses in Sri Lanka are always searching for marketers who are experts in one core area, rather than a jack of all trades. Nevertheless, there are advantages to knowing a little bit from every aspect when practically working on campaigns and plans.

Recession-proof career?

Job security is among the most significant advantages of a digital marketing profession. Almost all budget plans from tv and print and radio were diverted to digital throughout last year’s pandemic. And most digital companies did grow throughout this time. Digital marketing is primarily a full-time job and not a contractual hiring position – so, you do not need to stress over the contract being over after a moment. There is an abundance of freelancers in the field who value versatility and flexibility, but that always comes with a risk. As the saying goes, high risk, high benefits. Plus, even in these pandemic scenarios, digital marketing is probably the only domain, which can provide you with job security. Digital is always adaptive, and as more companies are moving towards it, it ends up being possible for professionals to grow economically. Most digital marketing companies and agencies have adapted to this unprecedented crisis by supplying their staff members with work-from-home arrangements to supply the necessary assistance to the clients and support themselves. 

Show me the money

As you are aware, thanks to the extensive need in the market, the requirement for expert digital online marketers consistently surpasses the supply. Thus, it is safe to say that with such a demand for your skills, the income in return will be similarly satisfying, as many companies are willing to pay big bucks to the best talent. Because there is a kind of skill shortage going on, you can treat yourself or your digital marketing ability as a product to offer the most acceptable rate and negotiate your income accordingly. Long story short-get the essential digital marketing abilities and experience, and you will have the ability to ask for the income you have always imagined!

Attack of the Freelancers

Digital Freelancing Opportunities

The more skilled you will become in the digital marketing field, the more opportunities will knock on your door. One such opportunity is freelancing. If you want to extend your arms and legs a bit wider and net rake in some additional rupees, then freelancing is undoubtedly a lucrative choice for you. Some digital marketers even devote their full-time freelancing while working specialists try the gigs in their free time. If you have good overall knowledge and skill, you can even make a career out of freelancing, even hiring a team of freelancers under you. Lots of people detest going to the office every morning. If you are one of those, get a basic laptop computer and an internet connection, and begin freelancing today!

Final Thoughts

Digital Working From Home

Digitalization is our approaching future. And this is where the bulk of the media spends are being shifted. Top digital marketing companies and recruiters are looking for qualified professionals who can fill in the skill space and carry out their work for the organization to the best of their abilities. The digital marketing field has a constant pipeline of projects and immense development opportunities with a handsome income. Do you want to take the plunge? 

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