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With over 20 years of experience in sales and marketing, he is Sri Lanka’s most internationally and locally awarded marketer. Currently, he serves as Vice President at dentsu Communications, overseeing the agency businesses of Isobar, GPR, Response, and Juice Productions. He was previously the A/Director—Digital Strategy at GroupM Sri Lanka and the “Head of Digital” for Team Unilever and Mindshare. Among the 150-plus awards he has won, he’s the only person to be part of ten Effie GOLD-winning teams, all of which were incidentally driven digitally. His work has resulted in the two most significant global marketing achievements to date for Sri Lanka. He has also served on jury panels for Mad Stars, The Drum Awards, Cresta Awards, Effies, NYF Advertising Awards, SmartiesX and WINA: World Independent Advertising Awards. He’s an instructor at the “M.AD” (Miami Ad School), the most awarded creative institution in the world. And over the past seven years, his lectures have aided over 6,500 students and business owners in adopting digital media marketing. He is the most widely published digital marketing thought leader in Sri Lanka, with many of his articles appearing in the world’s most prestigious publications. With over 400 articles, lectures, conference appearances, and a few quotes under his belt, he has become one of the industry’s most followed thought leaders.

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It seems odd that he is not a typical keynote speaker but somewhat different. While he has rich, substantial, tested material from his 20 years of practical experience, Mohenesh relishes the chance to listen to and understand the unique audience needs and creates a custom-built presentation based on what is most beneficial. He is the most globally published thought leader on digital marketing in Sri Lanka, where many of his think-pieces were featured in some of the most reputed publications in the world.

Mohenesh Chamith Buthgumwa



He is an expert at guiding brands and encouraging brands to implement digital media marketing during what he considers “the most interesting time in Sri Lanka.” He has also spent the last seven years as a visiting faculty member at several private and national marketing institutes. Through this he has assisted over 6,000 professionals and students in becoming instantly employable by developing digital skills to meet Sri Lankan industry needs and overseas markets. He also serves on the jury for many global creative and digital media award programs. He understands the time and effort required to see an idea through to completion, and he is passionate about recognising industry innovations.



Today’s most successful businesses are those that have the courage to break the rules, to build themselves on different assumptions, to challenge the status quo but to do so based on the next paradigm, not the last. Companies that rely on small incremental changes to survive lose out to those that bet big on radical innovation and change.

If you were to imagine your company, department, team, or life today, it would most likely look very different. If you rethought rather than reorganized, if you put technology in the center rather than on the periphery, if you saw it as oxygen to breathe life into possibilities rather than oil to smooth over problems, your future path would feel very different and far more exciting.

The rate of change is quickening, consumer behavior is changing faster than ever, new threats and opportunities appear out of nowhere, and the world appears more volatile and unpredictable than ever.

This is the best time in Sri Lanka to rethink what we do and how we do it, to digitally and culturally transform, to get excited about the new possibilities that emerge every day, and to act with urgency to bring bold changes to fruition. That is what he is here to do.

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