Why winning awards matters for an AD agency: 20 years of practical experience

Marketing Advertising awards

Here’s why – If we win awards;

We get called for continuous pitches for the next few months. At times, we just get offered the business on a platter. The reason being clients see us bagging the “mother lode” of awards with our current clients at the awards ceremonies, and they want to taste some of that success themselves (sooner or later)

Winning awards motivate our team to do great work continuously. All the new and young recruits develop an internal drive to be the team that’s walking to the stage to collect the top awards by next year. Healthy competition drives proactive ideas, which drives new revenue

I’ve also noticed that all our clients who win big either get promoted internally or move out for a bigger opportunity to another company (Globally or locally) within a year…. Guaranteed. This success also resonates within the industry, creating positive ripples for the agency and client careers.

Clients who move to new companies now have a new challenge at hand – to replicate the past success they had within the first 6 months of joining the new company. So, they invite us for a pitch or just hand us the new account.

Winning awards helps us attract the best talent in the market. Exceptional individuals seek a workplace that recognizes and celebrates great work, and they aspire to be part of a winning team that guides them towards their goals. In a competitive ad industry, these awards help us secure the cream of the crop of talent.

The new top-tier talent we attract, and the current team that is super motivated, do the best work in the industry. Talent learns from each other as well. And employees who have moved on from us for bigger opportunities have always told me how they were treated as digital royalty at their interview because they were part of some of the most talked about campaigns in local advertising history – more negotiation power

Our exceptional work not only wins us new business but also allows us to offer better perks to our staff and motivates our staff to keep excelling.

That exceptional work wins us more awards, and the cycle continues

Recognition not only benefits us but elevates the entire advertising industry: Remember the good old saying “Do great work – get great sleep”. Nothing beats that.

I might have just put that age-old “Are awards Important?” debate to rest, at least from a local standpoint.

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